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Importance of Wearing Rudraksha on Maha Shivaratri

Without a doubt, MahaShivaratri is among the most & fervently celebrated festivals in Hindu culture. It's dedicated to honoring the "God of Gods" – Mahadev Lord Shiva, who is also one of the holy trinities in the Hindu religion. 

The importance of wearing a Rudraksha on Maha Shivaratri is thought to be especially high as its believed to bring many benefits to its wearer.

Indeed, there is a lot you need to know about wearing a Rudraksha on maha Shivaratri – from its many benefits to the right procedure to be followed.   

And guess what? Below in this article, we have provided all the info on Rudraksha, Shivaratri, and their relationship in detail – enjoy;

The Secret of Maha Shivaratri – The Story Behind one of the Biggest Holy Nights of India!

Maha Shivaratri is usually celebrated on the night of the thirteenth Thithi (date) to the morning of the fourteenth Thithi of the Krishna paksha on the month of Phalguna as per the north Indian Hindu calendar and Megha as per the south Indian one.

According to Hindu mythology, there are many reasons why Shivaratri is celebrated. The primary one is as follows

Maha Shivaratri - The Day Lord Shiva consumed “Halahal Vish” and Saved Us!

When the celestial ocean was being churned by both devas and asuras in pursuit of the holy nectar (the immortality elixir), it is said that a Pot of an extremely fatal poison known as “halahal Vish” came out and threatened to destroy the very existence.

After hearing everyone praying for their dear life Lord Shiva appeared in a huge form and gathered the poison in his hands and drank it. For a full night, he kept on drinking the poison which was so powerful turned his throat blue.

As you might’ve guessed, Maha Shivaratri is celebrated as the Anniversary of the night in which Lord Shiva saved the whole existence with his miraculous feat.

Maha Shivaratri – How It’s Celebrated Now

On this auspicious, Hindu devotees, both in India and abroad, spend the whole night awake and thronging Lord Shiva’s temples. They will worship the god of destruction and ultimate liberation” by praying his Mantras and doing certain Poojas for blessing.

Being so closely related to Lord Shiva, Rudraksha has a very big role to play on this extremely auspicious day – we’ll explain in detail;

Importance of Wearing Rudraksha on Maha Shivaratri – Here is all you need to know

According to Hindu lore, Rudraksha beads came from the tree which grew on the spot on which the tears of Lord Shiva once fell. In fact, the term Rudraksha itself literally means “Tears of Lord Shiva” in Sanskrit.

Wearing these Holy Rudraksha Beads on Maha Shivaratri

Naturally, Rudraksha is an invaluable object in the eyes of Lord Shiva devotees – and a must-have in any event or Poojas done in honor of Lord Shiva, including, of course, Maha Shivaratri. 

Indeed, it is the perfect day to sport them, and also the best day to start wearing them for the first time in your life and get blessed by the power of Shiva.

There are many types of Rudraksha, and depending on the Mukhi (face) numbers, there are certain benefits to be had for each type. 

For example, a 6 Mukhi Rudraksha can improve the intellect of its wearer, while the 9 Mukhi beads offer improved confidence. The 13 Mukhi offers exceptional health and wellbeing to its wearer.

 Things to Remember while Wearing Rudraksha Beads

To get the most blessing out of Rudraksha beads, you need to follow these conditions;

  • Never consume meat or alcohol when wearing Rudraksha beads

  • It is not advisable to wear Rudraksha to sleep, and should especially be avoided when having sex.

  • Don't touch them with dirty hands, and only keep them in a holy, safe, and clean environment while not wearing them.

  • Rudraksha beads or Malas should not be interchanged or exchanged after you start wearing them.

Always remember that the amount of benefit you get from your Rudraksha will also depend on the amount of care & respect you show towards it. In a way, Rudraksha IS Lord Shiva, after all!

Importance of Rudraksha on Maha Shivaratri – The Conclusion

Already a powerful holy object, the sheer awesomeness of Rudraksha is only gonna increase thousand-fold on Maha Shivaratri – a night dedicated to celebrating the primordial almighty power & blessings of the Lord Mahadev!

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All Rudraksha beads are sustainably sourced and are pre-energized so you can immediately start using them & get blessed this Maha Shivaratri season…

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