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5 Amazing Scientific Benefits of Wearing Rudraksha

According to legend, Rudraksha beads were born out of the tears of Lord Shiva. In fact, the name “Rudraksha” itself literally means Shiva’s tears in Sanskrit. Naturally, these all organic beads are held to high standards in divine & spiritual arenas. It is also said that Rudraksha beads have certain medicinal & scientific qualities infused within them!

Indeed, many scientific studies across the world have confirmed this - Rudraksha beads have certain electromagnetic properties that, when worn, can yield its user a rejuvenated feeling, good health along with an aura for protection.

Hey, wanna know more about Rudraksha beads & their scientific benefits? Well, keep reading;

Scientific benefits of wearing a Rudraksha – What is Rudraksha?

Scientifically, Rudraksha beads are the dried seeds of a tree known as the Elaeocarpus Gnitrus tree, which grows mostly in and around the Himalayan regions of India, Nepal, Java, Sumatra, Myanmar, and Indonesia.

There are many different types of Rudraksha beads – all characterized by the number of vertical rows called Mukhis rolling down its surface. The number of Mukhis usually ranges from 1 to 21, with some very rare types offering 22 or more. A typical rudraksha bead consists of 50% carbon, 30% oxygen, 17% hydrogen and further feature lesser levels of nitrogen, Zinc, Sodium, aluminum, copper, nickel, cobalt, manganese, and calcium.

This unique construction is what gives Rudraksha the all-crucial electro-magnetic properties, which in itself can offer its wearer many scientifically proven health benefits;

Top 5 Scientific health benefits of wearing Rudraksha

Even centuries ago, Rudraksha beads were known for having exceptional health benefits – and now, it also has been scientifically proven by experts.

Read on to know more about the awesome benefits of wearing these divine beads.

1) Body stabilization

In many ways, the human body is like a machine, with its own bio-electric circuit known as the nervous system no less, which connects your organs to one another. Due to stress & other lifestyle issues, this circuit may malfunction, leading to illnesses.

By wearing Rudraksha, you can easily counter issues like these as the energy field generated by the beads can fill the gaps where your body’s circuits are failing... so to speak. Common benefits include calmer senses, better blood circulation, heart attack resistance, etc...

2) Magnetic health benefits

Since rudraksha generates its own energy field, it also has plenty of bio-magnetic properties. When worn around the neck; the dynamic polarity of the beads can positively affect your heart, expanding the arteries and removing blockages.  This helps the blood circulates faster and more efficiently throughout your entire body.

Naturally, this has many benefits, including some anti-aging perks. Rudraksha beads can help relieve pain, impurities, and certain illnesses from the body fully.

3) improved brainpower & moods

Along with improved blood flow, Rudraksha (especially ones with certain Mukhi types) can help regulate the transfer of hormones within the body, especially in the brain. As you know, hormones are what responsible for controlling our moods & psyche. Hence, by wearing the right Rudraksha beads, we can control & improve our nature & personalities.

For example, wearing 1 Mukhi rudraksha is said to improve one's patience, 6 Mukhi can improve the intellect of its wearer, while the 9 Mukhi beads offer improved confidence.

4) Dielectric benefits (mind stabilization)

It is scientifically proven that Rudraksha beads have dielectric properties, which means that they can act as a container for excessive negative energy. Whenever we are stressed, be it physically or mentally. Our body generates excess bad energy which can aggravate the s body leading to issues like hypertension, anxiety, and other disorders.

Rudraksha beads can help stabilize and absorb excessive bad energy from your body almost in real-time, keeping it in check. This can improve you both mentally & physically.

5) Nutritional/anti-inflammatory properties

Rich in vitamin C and other anti-oxidants, Rudraksha beads are a well-known ingredient in Ayurveda medicines. The beads have innate resistance towards various diseases. You can easily take advantage of these properties at home by drinking the water in which the Rudraksha beads have been soaked overnight on an empty stomach in the morning.

Drinking this elixir can help your body flush out impurities and toxins. This can also prevent acne and dandruff breakouts & help keep your skin glowing and soft.

Scientific Benefits of Rudraksha – The Conclusion

When it comes to the scientific benefits of wearing rudraksha, we’ve only scratched the surface here – there are more benefits to be had with wearing Rudraksha beads. We are sure that science will figure out what they are all are eventually.

Obviously, you can only enjoy the awesome benefits of rudraksha beads if they are truly authentic and organic. Otherwise, there is no point in wearing them at all. Here at, you can buy beads; Rosaries, bracelets + other home accessories that are made with sustainably sourced 100% organic rudraksha beads.

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