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Shivaya Bless / Rudraksha Lab has established a strong foothold in the Rudraksha market. We put our utmost commitment, devotion, sincerity, and care whenever it comes down to catering to the needs of our customers. The firm is a customer-centric organization. We take pride in providing high-quality, genuine Rudraksha. We take into account every detail to ensure that our products are of premium quality so as to maintain our customer satisfaction.


"We have no return/refund policy, Goods once sold will not be taken back".


The most important reason for No Return Policy (NRP) is that our products are used for self benefits & could have religious & sentimental values attached to it, so if we accept used products back it would mean that we are reselling used products which our other customers may not like to re-use, further we believe someone paying full value for the goods should not receive anything second hand. 


We kindly request that you be sure before making any purchases by asking questions to clarify the right product. This is because at times we have goods that are on consignment from our suppliers, once you make the purchase we have to make payments to them immediately and we do not have an NRP with them, other reasons also include non-refundable payment gateway taxes/commissions, shipping charges and/or influence of incorrect opinions on the customers end leading to confusions. We do not wish to get into informal situations hence we request you to not buy from us if you’re not satisfied prior to make purchases. We are transparent & free to answer all your doubts and questions you have prior to purchasing.

Shivaya Bless has the right to accept, cancel or reject any order as per our convenience, and we can reject any order without prior information to the client. Call-for-price items cannot be ordered, the orders won't be processed and shall be canceled.


For any further queries, please send us an email at

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