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How To Clean Rudraksha – Best Hacks To Keep It Fresh

Also known as “Tears of Shiva”, Rudraksha beads play an important part in a spiritual seeker's life. When worn as "Malas" or used in prayers, Rudrakshas are said to bring its user good health (both mentally & physically) and help ward off evil spirits.

Obviously, to get the best benefits out of these divine objects, it’s crucial they be kept well maintained and clean. Here’s how to do it;

How to clean Rudraksha – here’s why it matters!

Rudraksha beads come from the tree called Elaeocarpus Ganitrus, and can be found growing in high mountain areas – mainly in Himalayan ranges. Generally, they are pretty strong, and – if maintained and cleansed properly – can be handed down through generations.

Being a holy object, absolute care & discretion must be taken while cleaning Rudraksha beads. You can’t just wash it with a bit of soap and water – DON’T DO THAT!

Below, we have shared the RIGHT step-by-step process on how to best clean your Rudraksha beads so that it lasts a long time & continue to give its blessings:

How to take care of rudraksha – a step-by-step guide

At the end of the day, Rudraksha beads are still plant-based products. So common sense should be applied when conducting rudraksha cleaning methods;

Step 1 – Again, don’t soak them in water. Instead, hold them under running water (preferably warm) for a few minutes, gently shaking them with your fingers.

Step 2 – Scrub them clean gently yet thoroughly with a soft toothbrush. Get the bristles right into the groves and take the grime out as much as possible. Again, don’t use any soap or other strong detergents here – this is important.

Step 3 – Dry the beads thoroughly. You can use a soft absorbent cloth or tissue paper for drying. You can also leave them to air dry if you don't mind waiting.

Step 4 – Once the beads have dried thoroughly, apply a bit of Olive oil or Pure Ghee to the beads and work it into them. You can use soft brushes for help.

That’s it! This is how you clean Rudraksha beads the right way. Make sure to keep them in a clean place when not in use.

Also, here’s a pro-tip: once every 3 to 4 months, make sure to apply a bit of camphor powder to the Rudraksha beads, this will help keep away the insects.

How to maintain rudraksha – wearing precautions

Rudraksha beads can be worn by all genders and there are no age-restrictions nor any dietary limitations either. That said, the beads should be taken off during sex, bowel movements, menstruation, and when going for funerals.

Also avoid wearing them while taking baths as long exposures to water can result in damaging them in the long run.

How to clean rudraksha - Frequently asked questions

Now that you know how to clean & maintain Rudraksha beads, here’s an FAQ where we’ll address some of the common concerns you might have;

1) How often should we clean our Rudraksha beads?

There is no fixed cleaning time. We recommend cleaning your Rudraksha beads every 1 to 2 months or when you feel that they need to be cleaned. For auspicious reasons, try to clean them only on Mondays, that too within 10 am to 12 pm.

2) Where should I keep them when I am not wearing them?

As long as the place of keeping is clean & away from impurities, it doesn’t matter where you store your rudraksha beads when not in use. That said, keeping them in your Puja room is naturally better since this helps the bead absorb the positive energy that's typically present there.

3) Should I avoid wearing rudraksha when sleeping?

While there are no restrictions on wearing rudraksha to bed, this is best avoided since we may accidentally damage them while sleeping restlessly.  

4) How long Rudraksha beads are gonna last?

Assuming they are well taken care of, a Rudraksha mala can last for decades, even centuries. This makes them great for use as family heirlooms.

The conclusion

As you saw in our “how to clean Rudraksha post, the job is fairly straightforward once you know the basics. The tips for rudraksha cleaning shared above should help with that a lot. There are also certain Rudraksha cleaning kits available on the market that you can use to get better cleaning results. Either way, there is no doubt that with a bit of love & care, your Rudraksha beads can serve & bless you for a long, long time.

If you want to know more about Rudraksha beads or have any doubts about the ways to clean Rudraksha, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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